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  • Anne Spuur


    Good morning. My coworker, Nancy Wilson (Drew Woods mother) referred you to me to possibly take care of the issues I am having with my laptop. She said you helped her and did good work for her, and she highly recommended you. Specifically, I believe I have a virus or something in my laptop, as when I attempt to get online it takes forever, and when I am finally able to connect some weird pages and pop ups come up, and I have some thing blinking in the lower left hand corner of my screen that I cannot make go away. My computer is very slow to start up, and it runs slow. I believe I have too much unnecessary things running at start up. I am interested in having my hard drive cleaned (or whatever you would call it) to make it run faster, and to get rid of all the crap I do not want or need on it. I would like to keep my pictures and music library, but do not care if other things disappear as a result of the computer being worked on. I need to put a virus program on it also. The computer I have is a Dell laptop, approximately five or six years old (I honestly do not remember when I purchased it, but I don’t think it was that long ago). I believe I am running windows 7 on it. Please let me know if it is something you think you can help me with, and how I can contact you or get my computer to you. I can be contacted at the email noted above, or my cell number is (916) 806-4529. You can call me or text (best) me at that number. I work for El Dorado County, at the office on Briw Road (off Forni). I have my laptop with me.


    Anne Spuur


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