Everything is getting faster!

Written by John. Posted in Blog

Today I carry around a phone in my pocket that is more powerful, faster, and more convenient than the first computer I built for myself. Sure this baby doesn’t have a mouse and keyboard but its touting a piece of technology that is truly revolutionary, the touch screen. My fist computer and my current all have been able to use the same standard keyboard and mouse configuration for as long as I’ve been around. These key elements of the computer have been essentials for its success. They allow the individual to use the computer to the its greatest potential and create a truly unique experience for everyone. For a multitude of users they are being used every day for whatever they serve their purpose.

The touch screen on the iPhone and iDevices are all due to the huge milestones we as human beings have made with modern technology. I’ve watched how these devices slowly crept into our lives and became the norm for so many people. I ask what will be the next revolutionary device? Will Microsoft and Windows keep us afloat in the Pc world or will Apple or perhaps Google take the power seat in the operating system arena that we have unfolding.
Whatever the case, you can bet I’ll know what’s best for my clients now and I the future, thanks to those who have put their trust in John English Technical Services!

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